About Us

About us

The company for engineering, consulting, design and services “Geco – engineering” d.o.o. Belgrade (shortened business name “Geco – engineering”, Belgrade) was founded on 04. 10. 2006. Headquarters of the company is located in Prote Mateje 71 Street, Belgrade.

Our team of experts has dealt with issues from the areas of hydrogeology and water management for over a decade. Up until the foundation of the company we were employed as expert associates for the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department of hydrogeology, in the period of 1997 – 2002 under the heading of Dr.Sc. Mihajlo Simić – Laboratory for Designing and conducting of hydrogeological research, and later on in the period of 2002 – 2006 as an independent work group at the Department of hydrogeology.

During its time of existence, over three years now, “Geco – engineering” has broken through to the very top of the area of applied geology, hydrogeology, water management, environment protection and sustainable resource exploitation and our goal is to maintain and solidify our realized business standing and conquer new in the years to come.

We are expanding our business operations to new areas, introducing new services, making new business arrangements with companies both in the country and abroad – and we wish to continue doing so.

The most important thing is to keep and justify the trust that was given to us by our business partners, to the quality of our services and us.